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Nathan Chan

founder - CEO

Thomas Bertrandi


I love electric skateboards and love building and tinkering with Esk8s.  


Hence, I started Esk8supply, so many more like me can find a way to make their board unique to themselves, from customizing grip tape design to using some funky color wheels to making 4-wheel drive monsters that eat mountains for breakfast. My end goal for Esk8supply is to make a platform where builders can find parts they want for reasonable prices, with more premium service and products. As you can see right now, Esk8supply is still growing and I am always looking for new parts every day that will satisfy people’s wants.


So, if you are looking for a specific part for you build and I do not have it on my site, please feel free to message me!

I used to be a traditional skater and thanks to Nathan, I got into building my own board. The feeling of building and then being able to ride my own esk8 is awesome! So when Nathan asked me to join the team to work on esk8supply, I said yes.

My role is to handle the media and marketing side, letting people know what is going on at esk8supply, as well as designing and testing new parts prior to the launch.

The electric revolution

why we do what we do

Currently, most new electric modes of transports are being made popular by businesses that focus on the sharing economy making electric scooters and bikes available to the masses for shorts periods of time. The key issue with these is that most of these products are very low quality and not high performance, consequentially people think all-electric vehicles are as so and don't explore the market for other solutions.

The story isn’t about a battle between owned versus shared business models though — it’s about introducing technologies that can address accelerating urbanisation and reclaim the large chunks of our time and money currently wasted by commuting in a car-based model that has ceased to be functional. In short, it’s about the race towards innovative, street-grade light electric vehicles that actually solve the last-mile transportation problem currently plaguing our cities. This pursuit really motivates and excites me, I have to make sure I'm actively involved in the electric revolution.

What's the plan for Esk8supply?

we have some ideas in mind 

Firstly, we have revamped the website that we think suits our vibe better. As I mentioned above, we are consistently sourcing for new parts with different suppliers. Next, I realized that there are some people who want to build their own board with no prior experience and knowledge about the parts. So, I guess I will cover that very soon as well! My plan is to start writing more build guides and be making more videos about ESK8 (DIY and reviews), hopefully making it less daunting for people to get into this hobby.

In summary, I have boldly taken a year out of University (college) to make Esk8supply better and to achieve my vision. You can call me crazy and a fool, but I really believe in the service Esk8supply can bring!


Thank you for reading this, and if you have any questions and suggestions, please message me on Facebook or Instagram @esk8supply, or email me at info@esk8supply.shop. I will be happy to hear from you and will definitely try my best to help you!

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