This kit will give you a hassle-free way to pick parts for your belt drive. You can achieve different speed, hill climb, and feeling depending on the gears and wheel You chose!

You have the option to choose to include the 6354 motors, we would recommend them.


Why single drive?

It is cheaper and lighter than a dual drive, perfect for a single drive build.

However, you will be more prone to belt snapping and parts failing as there are more stress on the parts compare to a dual drive.


If you want a dual-drive instead, click here: LINK

Or you can always upgrade your single drive to a dual-drive anytime you want!



The Belt drive kit performance can be changed by the gear ratio and the wheel size. 

For 10s, using the standard 12/36T gears and 190kv motor, you get a top speed of;

90mm wheels- 21.6 mph

97mm wheels- 23.3 mph

105mm wheels- 25.2 mph 

This gear ratio ensures high torque and hill-climbing ability. 

If you would like a 15T 15mm motor pulley, please let us know:

It will reduce torque and Hillclimb for better top speed

At 10s, the top speed for 15/36T:

90mm wheels- 27 mph

97mm wheels- 29.1 mph

105mm wheels- 31.5 mph 

Use this calculator if you want to play around with the ratio.


single belt drive mechancial kit

Extra parts
6354 motor
    • 63 Caliber style motor mount 
    • Belt cover
    • 90mm Black flywheels
    • 2 Caliber style trucks
    • 12mm belt drive kit (1 motor pulley, 250mm belt, 1 wheel pulley)
    • all nessecary screws and bolts
    • optional belts, motor, and wheels
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