These Hub motors are designed to minimize the shortcoming of traditional hub motors. They are lined with thick rubber tires to reduce vibrations, making your ride smoother and letting you go on rougher terrains.

We recommend you pairing the motors with our VESC based controller and 12S battery to enjoy the excellent torque and top speed (28mph) these hub motors can offer.


The package comes with the front trucks, wheels and dual hubs, sensors and paired with 4.0mm bullet connectors.


The wheels are now new and improved. They are treated with an anodised black finished and remoulded for even better precision.



Hub motors with All Terrain rubber wheels 3000W 60KV

Extra sleeves
  • Motors

    • KV Value: 60 (KV / V)
    • Torque: 1.4 -2.3 NM
    • Efficiency: More than 90
    • Supported battery: 3S-12S
    • Rated power: 750W
    • Max power: 3000W
    • Voltage: 42-50.4 V
    • Resistance: 0.19 OHM
    • Maximum current: 50 A
    • Unloaded rotation speed: 2400 rpm
    • Unloaded current: 0.8A


    • Diameter thickness: 105 mm 
    • Width: 65 mm
    • Contact Patch: 4 mm
    • Tire Arc: 8 degree
    • Wheel Material: Silicone Rubber
    • Durometer: 60 A
    • Bearing set: Offset


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