Why Direct Drives?

They are the future of ESK8! The drive combines the benefit using smooth and quiet Hub motors, the customizability of wheel size of using belt-drives.

We chose 58KV because of its ability to provide strong torque, even with using 6-inch wheels or going up steep hills. Also, as 12s batteries are becoming more accessible and esc becoming more reliable running 12s batteries.

Therefore, we recommend you pairing this drive with our 12S battery and VESC based controller to enjoy the perfect balance between top speed (27mph+)  and torque. 


We are always looking for ways to improve our products, we have made some improvements to our 58KV direct drives.

1. Direct drive: reinforced axle (s136H highest rated mould steel), pulley axle changed from aluminium to steel (45 steel, heat-treated)

2. Wheels: The newest batch has been remoulded and treated with an anodised black finished. This results in a precise, professional and refined look.


The package contains:

Dual direct-drive motors on CNC kingpin with top-grade mould steel axle

One front truck

screws and nuts

Optional adapters for different wheels


Optional setup:

1.Rubber 105mm wheels 

  • 12s: top speed of 27mph (43kmph) on 12s

2. Grey 78A 90mm wheels  

  • 12s: top speed of 24mph (37kmph) 

3. 6inch Airless AT wheels 

  • 12s: top speed of 38.5 mph (61.9 kmph)
  • 10s: top speed of 32mph (51.6 kmph)

4. 120MM cloud wheels

  • 12s: top speed of 31.7 mph (51 kmph)
  • 10s: top speed of 26.4 mph (42.5 kmph)

Direct drive (3000W 58kv)

$319.00 Regular Price
$300.00Sale Price
Extra Adapters (+$20 per set)
    • Motors

    • KV Value: 58 (KV / V)
    • Torque: 1.4 -2.3 NM
    • Efficiency: More than 90
    • Supported battery: 3S-12S
    • Rated power: 750W
    • Max power: 3000W
    • Voltage: 42-50.4 V
    • Resistance: 0.19 OHM
    • Maximum current: 50 A
    • Unloaded rotation speed: 2400 rpm
    • Unloaded current: 0.8A
    • The drive comes with hall sensors and regular 4mm bullet connectors.
    • Wheels

    • Diameter thickness: 105 mm 
    • Width: 65 mm
    • Contact Patch: 4 mm
    • Tire Arc: 8 degree
    • Wheel Material: Silicone Rubber
    • Durometer: 60 A
    • Bearing set: Offset


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