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The ultimate question in the esk8 community: DIY vs Prebuilt

DIY esk8 build vs Boosted stealth

Looking at our recent Carbon fiber deck drive build (£899), a top speed of 28mph and range of 17+ miles VS the boosted stealth (£1499), a top speed of 24mph and range of 14miles.

This is my opinion, feel free to let me know what you think

To summarise, I would say it depends on what your budget is and how long you want your board to last.

You can 100% build a cheap board under £200 with a remote-control car ESC, a lunch box, lipo batteries, eBay cheap parts, or, even worse, 3D printed motor mount (real-life story, DON’T DO IT!) .

You don't belive me? Here you go! cracked after 2km

Instead, if you are tight on budget, I would advise you to get a Cheap hub budget board from China. (Meepo/Wowgo/Ownboard etc) (£250/ $300) Do yourself a favor and get the dual-motor version, it will last way longer!

Don't get me wrong! DIY is not for everyone, you have to assemble the parts and have a vague idea of what goes where, which might be a hassle or a fun process depending on which way you look at it.

However, if you want something of quality, unique to you and upgradable, DIY will be better in most aspects.

(disclaimer: you might think that DIY should be cheaper, it is not always the case. Most quality parts are unfortunately pricier)

For that reason, I started Esk8supply, to provide premium and quality parts for an affordable price, making sure that most components are upgradable and interchangeable. I also want to help beginners start their journey in this new world of esk8.

And you if only started researching now, in 2019, congrats! The esk8 industry has matured a lot. There are so many suppliers in the market. The parts for DIY are now basically modules that you can connect easily. Also, the VESC tool (the programming software), became insanely easy to use (15 minutes max).

How much would it set me back?

There have been big changes in the market of electric skateboards, with Chinese manufacturers such as Flipsky and Maytech supplying decent VESC and motors, as well as more fellow DIY stores online to choose from. The prices for DIY electric skateboards have gone down, so you can make yourself a board with rubber hubs that can go 28+ mph with 18 miles of range in under £630 (roughly $769). This is Good news!

If you want to go top end, there are also options, with carbon fiber decks and even bespoke parts.

So, what happens if there are problems?

One thing I would like to say is: electric skateboards are machines which might break down one day and require some regular maintenance.

Well, this is one of the benefits of DIY, you can fix it yourself! By going through the build process step by step, you should have a rough idea of where everything goes. Rather than shipping the whole board back, costing a fortune, then waiting forever to ride again.

Channeling your inner creativeness

This is one of my main goals with Esk8supply, to create a platform to supply innovative and interchangeable parts, making the esk8 market more creative. I want to see people pimping their boards up with funky colours, designs, and 4wd monsters. The sky is the limit.

In conclusion,

If you have read this far, you probably realised that I am an ambassador for DIY boards. But if I still haven’t convinced you, have a look at this kit. or this direct-drive kit with carbon fiber.

They will be pretty good for beginners and intermediate electric skateboarders. There is even an option for us to build for you! So when the time comes for you to DIY, you can just take it apart and play around with different parts.

If you have any questions about DIY or electric skateboards in general, hit me up!

I will always be up for a chat, just email me at or message me @esk8supply on FB/ Instagram.

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