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The eRevolution

Why electric skateboard and what my idea for the future of them is:

Hello everyone,

Yeah it’s not Nathan this time…it’s the other one that’s working behind the scenes on this project: Thomas. Well let me start by saying that I never thought I would get into the idea of DIY and building my own electric skateboard. I have quite a lot of other stuff to work on and didn’t think the extra time it takes to build a board instead of just buying a complete kit was worth it, but boy was I wrong eheh. If it wasn’t for Nathan (being able to ask him questions in person) I wouldn’t have known where to start, didn’t know where to buy and what to do. It’s quite clear to see that the DIY market does not suit absolute beginners.

Well apart from the fact that skateboards are without a doubt a more portable (I ride an electric cruiser), can be cheaper and just a more fun way of getting around than most other viable electric lightweight vehicles, I also think they lend themselves to the DIY idea of selling very well. Technically it’s not complicated to put them together, even for an absolute beginner (before I was talking about my personal experience of entering the market). And that is where the key is. It’s easy for beginners.

I know that there are not many known brands in the world of electric skateboards in general which have a DIY approach to selling their skateboards.

What do I mean by “DIY approach”? Not selling a built board but selling parts.

Why would anyone do that it’s stupid…people are lazy! Well yes and no.

The first key point is that as I mentioned before: it’s easy for beginners. The second point is that yes people are lazy but in my opinion until a certain point. Just think for a second, these boards are mainly made to get people around and people (if they buy them) tend to use them quite often. By using them often there is the tendency for things to go wrong at some stage, and when that happens what do people do? From my experience they either give up esk8ing in general or they buy another board (a very big unnecessary cost).

Now what if a company was to offer a kit with all the parts needed to build an electric skateboard that can easily be replaced when one breaks? I would buy my boards from them. It doesn’t matter how lazy I am, the extra value provided easily overcomes my laziness. But wait, there is still one more thing: by selling a board in parts that a user easily assemble together (provided that the company supplies the user with all the parts and tools), one can easily upgrade their board at any time (or downgrade if he/she wants). Just pop to the same store from where you bought the kit and boom, your new battery/ motor/ deck/ wheels etc that YOU KNOW WILL FIT with what you already have.

It’s time to switch things up. It’s time for people to get more value for the price they pay.

This is not going to be a quick project to get going and we know it will take a lot of effort and time. That is why it’ll probably be developed side by side with Esk8supply, as a collaboration. To make sure it has space to grow and develop :)

Now back to work.


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