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Esk8 safety: What helmets and gear should you use for electric skateboards?

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

TSG Pass in the satin purple colour certified by the International Downhill Federation as the best Longboard Downhill helmet available.

Breaking the tradition

Traditionally, skaters hate helmets. They look clunky, awkward and make the user kind of stupid looking. There are many who came from traditional skating backgrounds, who refuse to wear helmets or gears. (I have a few friends like that). If you are reading this article, it means you are doing the right thing. We can’t force you to wear one, but we can certainly share this and help educate new users!

I have looked through the whole internet and found the most valuable options for a cheapskate like me and the best options for the hardcore enthusiast. These are the helmets I want but can't afford (you know what to do Santa)

What are the best helmets?

In terms of helmets, there are the full-faced and the half shell ones. I generally use the half shell ones for day to day use. They will protect your brain/head to a good degree.

When it comes to the full-faced, it goes from the downhill MTB kind, all the way to the iconic full face TSG pass kind with the huge visor. They are good for protecting the jaw, cheek and teeth area. Dentists are pretty expensive these days.

Half Shells:

There are generally quite a lot of options on half shells. I have chosen to include 2 - one that is the most value for money and one is considered the most attractive BY ME.

Firstly, triple 8 helmets. The basic choice, the one I've been using so far. They are comfortable, protective and have a lot of colour options, even for my extra-large sized head.

They are dual certified helmets with a good range of sizes and colours, without breaking the bank.

Then, there are Thousand helmets.

They look clean and stylish with quite a lot of styles to pick from. The ratings are insanely good on Amazon and YouTube.

( Thousand Helmets: my favourite looking ones for half shells)

Onto the full face

The bell sanction is one that is tested and praised for its affordability in the community. At around the same price as the Thousand helmets, this full-faced MTB helmet is a no brainer (get it?). They are comfortable and will protect the whole face well, a good choice for those who ride hard and want to be protected in the summer

It is the cheaper version of the Bell Super 3R:

The 3R:

The more protective, lighter and functional brother

The 3R is around double the price of the sanction, but it seems justified in many ways.

The Helmet is MIPS (multiple impact protection verified) meaning that it is DESIGNED TO REDUCE ROTATIONAL FORCES THAT CAN RESULT FROM CERTAIN IMPACTS. Also comes with the removable chin guard feature, meaning it is a full face and a half shell in 1. The helmet also comes with a few colourways, varying in price, you can check out the latest prices HERE

The infamous TSG pass: Best Downhill Helmet

Looking extra good in the satin purple colourway:

Check out the latest prices

The TSG Pass is that helmet you don’t need, but you WANT. They are a staple in the DH longboard and the esk8 community, costly nearly as much as a budget board.

ON to the body...

With the head protected, we move on to the more optional gears, like armoured jackets, padding, and wrist guards.

The brand for esk8 specific clothing’s, smashing it with pre-orders repeatedly, ranging from armoured hoodies to armoured jackets and soon armoured trousers. I have heard nothing but good things for the company with their quality and customer service. My only complaint is that they are quite expensive for the average student. #sponsormeplease!

Their site:

Cheaper stuff

After looking around for deals on Amazon, I have found a few decently reviewed general armoured jackets and even a shirt designed for motorbikes (cheapest Kevler shirt I can find). They seem cheaper and well-made and I am sure they can handle some esk8 related falls as well.

(Doesn't look bad at all for around 60 USD! link for the jacket)

If not, Slick revolution, a UK based esk8 brand, also sell their own armoured Kevlar shirt for a little bit more.

Lastly, the paddings.

Honestly, I don’t like paddings that much in the summer. They look kind of ridiculous worn outside the clothes wearing shorts and irritating when I sweat under it. However, not so much a problem in the winter.

For those who still ride their boards in the winter, full-faced helmets feel nice and warm, visors block out wind in your eyes and pads don’t feel so bad anymore.

Nevertheless, paddings are nice to have when you fall at high speeds. It is often the matter between just ripping your clothes or getting road rash so bad you have to go to the hospital.

A few links for padding and gloves:

Protec Full elbow and knees set (Cheaper street set): LINK

triple 8 exoskin elbow pads (better fit to hide inside the clothes): LINK

triple 8 exoskin knee pads (better fit to hide inside the clothes): Link

Gloves and wrist guards are also important...

As requested by the esk8news community, wrist protection is a major thing to have when riding your esk8. They will let you slide your momentum off instead of your body taking the impact directly.

The cheap option: fingerless gloves with a wrist guard

The premium version: Flatland 3D

There's also a pro version. Flatland 3D provides accessories specifically designed for esk8. They are slightly pricier but quality!

If you still need to be convinced

after gear for electric skateboarding, Watch this!


I just want to say, the electric skateboard is an amazing commuting tool as well as a fun lifestyle. I wrote this to let more people know about the importance of being safe, not just physically protected, but to be mentally aware of the surroundings when riding. There could be a huge pothole in front of you, cars cutting into the bike lane or your belt snapping, I think you get it. you have to be prepared for most situations for esk8, as fun as it is.

If you think this article is helpful in any way, please share it with your friends. Also, if you have any experience with esk8 injury and how gears saved your life, you can comment below or message me @esk8supply on FB and Instagram (so that I can share those stories in the future!)



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