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Attention to all video makers!

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

There are not enough DIY builds on YouTube!

I love YouTube and I probably learned most of the information to build electric skateboards on there (as well as on the ESK8news ESK8builder forum). However, even when I started, there has been a lack of content on YouTube, considering how many people build electric skateboards.

Well, we want to change that fact; we want to incentivise people to document their building process and educate others with their videos.

So, we are offering a chance to win 50% off your ESK8 build by making a video!

What do I have to do?

The contest is very simple, Just submit the video on WeTransfer at with the message: build video contest.

We will choose the best 2 video/ people per month out of the applicants and they will receive a 50% refund and affiliate links to earn extra (terms and conditions apply).

There is a chance you might not be chosen due to the number of applications or your video not fitting the criteria. We will let you know if there are improvements to be made, and you can certainly try again next month.

Meanwhile, you can request for an affiliate link and share your unique build on any platform, so you can earn some money for your effort.

What do we want for the video?

For the video, there are not too many restrictions for your video format, just make it look good!

However, be sure to include: the part list, build journey, and some ride footage (going up hills, top speed, etc.) The length of the video preferably between 7-15minutes.

The video can be in English or other languages (if there are good English subtitle), certainly feel free to spread the video in your country!


Terms and conditions:

You are eligible for the promotion if you:

- Make a board that works, preferably mostly using our products (you can use your own deck, enclosure, tools, batteries, grip tape, and connectors) (we can give you help and advice)

- Produce a video that has high production quality (see example), at least at 720P

- Child-friendly: no swearing and violence

- Allow us to share your awesome build on our platforms

- If you submit and are chosen, you will be refunded 50% of the retail price. However, if you used a discount code on check out, the discount will be deducted from the final refund amount. (for example, if you paid £500 and had £50 off, the refund amount will be £250-£50, your total saving will still be 50%) feel free to contact us at to clarify. All refunds will be done on PayPal for security purposes.

- We will decide on up to 2 winning videos a month. The winner will be contacted through email.

Have fun building!

If you are not a video maker but know someone who can do it, let them know! We are sure they will like this.

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