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Why do i need a controlLer (ESC)?

It is the brain of the board

The ESC (electric speed controller) is important to drive the board. The ESC combined with the remote will allow you to control the forward, breaking and reverse function of the board. That's why we only use the most reliable components!

Now, to power the board and the ESC , we need a battery. You can choose from our range, but I would recommend our 12s2p Panasonic battery 


It drives the board forward  

Why do i need


The motors are probably the simplest parts to explain. They are used to make the board move when they spin. They are usually the bigger the better. We offer 3 kinds of motor: belt drive, Hub drive and direct drive. The motor choice honestly depends on your preferences. 

For beginners, I would suggest using hub drives, because of the affordability and not needing maintenance, whilst offering good speed and power for most environments. Direct drives offer similar performance, with the ability to swap wheels. Belt drives are more powerful and offer stronger hill-climbing ability and have the ability to swap wheels and gear ratio for your needs.


Why do i need

a board?

It brings everything together

For a DIY build, you need a deck and an enclosure box to fit everything inside. We have 2 kinds of decks and enclosure choice right now, the maple deck and our carbon fibre deck

The maple deck is the cheaper option, locking your feet in and provides stability at top speeds.

The carbon fibre deck is honestly my favourite, it gives your finish build a sleek and stealthy finish, keeping all the parts hidden inside the deck.

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