Black friday update

Hey guys and girls,
It is the holiday season again! If you have not noticed yet, we have revamped the site :blush:
This time we got some juicy deals for you.
In summary: everything is 10% off!
Let us know what the best deal you find on the website.

Happy hunting!

Revamped website
We have moved the platform to Shopify to give us a little more functions for what we want to do in the future!

Kit Builder/ Maxfind

We have partnered with Maxfind, and we got some awesome motor + battery + enclosure + esc + deck combo in our kit builder for beginners, or someone who just want a reliable cruiser board. We have tested this, and the 96mm M5 hub motors are no joke!

For those who want some bigger wheels, the 165mm hub motors and also awesome, they will let you go over some nasty terrains.

We have actually specifically looked for something like this for a while, something that allows us to mount onto smaller cruiser boards, something durable, and most importantly the ability to swap batteries. Since starting the site 2 years ago, I have been stopped on the streets and been asked how to get an eskate. When I direct them to the site, they get overwhelmed with a large selection of parts and don’t know what to do next. Therefore, we wanted a platform that is user friendly and upgradable. We specifically chose battery packs such as the 10s2p Samsung 30Q, as it will deliver the power and range for everyday use with the option to easily double or triple the range with more packs.
We also have plans in the future for this little DIY friendly kit, but that’s a story for another time!

Meanwhile, Happy holidays and Happy shopping!